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RX 100 Super concentrated Odor Counteractant space spray

RX 100 is an institutional strength odor counteractant in pure 100% undiluted form. It is super strong for immediate action and for long lasting effectiveness against the most vile of odors. This unique product consists of a concentrated blend of AIRICIDE® plus other odor counteractants in pure, 100% active form, nothing more, nothing less.

Institutional Strength & Economical

There is no water, no alcohol, no petroleum distillate, no propellant, nothing to dilute the product’s superior effectiveness. A single shot of RX 100 from a trigger sprayer gives immediate relief from the most offensive of foul odors, and because RX 100 is so much more concentrated than other products, it lasts for hours, not just minutes.

100% Undiluted Odor Counteractant

When the odor problem is a continuous one, just spray RX 100 over the microcell absorbent in one of the Mini Freshenaire canisters.* With its help, you’ll eliminate foul odors for days at a time with just one treatment.

Availabile in Pints.
RX 100 is a Surface, Sub-Surface & Airborne odor control product.