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RX 110 Urinal Screens

Both RX 110 urinal screens hold compressed polymers formulated with heavy duty surfactants and AIRICIDE® Odor Counteractant plus enzymes. Together the RX formula removes organic matter, mineral scale deposits, uric salts and odors... every time the fixture is flushed. RX 110 does not contains “para” or other chlorinated solvents. They require no warning labels, are water soluble and completely biodegradable!

Completely Biodegradable

RX110 Urinal Screens are designed specifically to eliminate the unpleasant task of removing cigarrete butts, paper and trash from urinal traps and to prevent costly block- ages that might otherwise occur. The flexible vinyl screen fits urinals of all types and shapes other than those holding freestanding water.


Banned in more and more areas because they contaminate ground water, “para” toilet bowl and urinal blocks have been difficult to replace. Until now, producers have merely placed non- para cakes in old fashioned screens and holders – it hasn’t worked. The non-para cakes dissolved too quickly and their deodorizer content was going down the drain instead of into the air. Now RX110 urinal screens house new, reformulated, longer lasting blocks with more AIRICIDE® true odor counteractant plus enzymes.

Available in boxes of 12
RX 110 is a Airborne odor control product.