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RX 200 Foaming Instant Non Alcohol Hand sanitizer

RX 200 is a unique sanitizing formula using the safe and effective quaternary compound Benzalkonium Chloride as the active ingredient to kill germs – not isopropyl alcohol. Our unique formula and special dispenser valve combine to deliver an easily spread foam that kills germs using half as much product. It will not dry your hands even with frequent use, has residual effectiveness, and with its Aloe, Vitamin E and skin moisturizers, it is formulated to care for your skin. 

No Isopropyl Alcohol • No Dry Hands

It has long been recognized that a critical step in preventing the spread of disease is frequently washing one’s hands. Too often that’s not possible, or even practical – which led to the introduction of high alcohol hand sanitizers. But it requires 62% alcohol or more to kill germs, and that much alcohol can dry and irritate the skin. So most people just don’t like to use it. Now there’s RX 200 Instant Hand Sanitizer that does not depend on alcohol as its active ingredient, yet it still kills germs in only 15 seconds.

Kill germs in only 15 seconds

Because it is dispensed in an easy to spread bubbly foam, one uses only half as much to do the same job. Without all that alcohol, RX 200 is kinder to the skin plus we’ve added Aloe and Vitamin E for legitimate lotionizing.

Availabile in 50 ml Personal/Travel Size, 950 ml Bottle (Also wall mountable with bracket), 1000 ml Bag with wall mount system.
RX 200 is a Surface & Sub-Surface odor control product.