RX 2000 odor control Floor Stripper

RX2000 Odor Controlled Floor Finish stripper was formulated to have an extremely low odor while retaining all of the qualities you would expect from a modern stripper. Ideal for use with its companion product, RX2002 Odor Controlled Floor Finish in areas or facilities where these qualities would be a particular advantage. RX2000 also stays wet longer than traditional strippers allowing the job to be accomplished with less labor and time.

• Low Odor •

A more effective stripper because it is formulated to remain wet on the floor longer. With longer dwell time, finishes can be re-emulsified with less work and less product. Its unique low odor formula allows it to be used in many facilities where a low odor product is desired or even required.

• Contains Airicide •

RX2000 was originally formulated to be a companion product to RX2002 Odor Controlled Floor Finish but will work on other zinc interlocked finishes as well. RX2000 is a departure from traditional strippers because of its extremely low odor while retaining all of its ability to remove the toughest of finishes. 


Availabile in Gallons
RX 2000oc is a Surface odor control product.