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RX 2001 Odor counteractant Seal & undercoater

Floor sealers have been used by professionals for years to keep floor finish bonded to the floor as well as to protect your flooring investment. RX2001 will actually improve the performance of any floor finish and resist staining by Betadyne®, black top, etc.

Resists staining • Low odor

This product was developed by our AIRX chemists to perform all the duties you would expect from a sealer but does it with our proprietary low odor formula. Ideal for use with our RX2000 stripper and RX2002 floor finish. This will provide your customers with a true low odor floor program that really works!

Improves Bonding • Enhances gloss

RX2001 is a crystal clear emulsion sealer/undercoat for all resilient flooring. It improves bonding of finish and enhances the gloss and durability of your floor finish but most unique is its resistance to staining of the floor by medicines, urine, blacktop, rust, etc. 

Availabile in Gallons.
RX 2001 is a Surface & Sub-Surface odor control product.