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RX 2002oc Odor control floor finish

RX 2002 Floor Finish is a proprietary blend of modern co-polymers. Its unique formula fills a void not covered by the competition. Besides the normal qualities you would expect from a modern floor finish, RX 2002 has a decided advantage that sets it apart.

Low Odor • No strong smells

The chemists at AIRX labs have created a formula so that the finish has an extremely low odor, allowing it to be used in facilities and areas where normal finishes can’t because of their strong odor. RX 2002 is easy to apply and resists a high level of abuse. It also is quick to dry and will leave your floors with a high gloss right from the start.

resilient or non resilient compatibility

RX 2002 Odor Controlled Floor Finish, for use on resilient and non resilient floors, dries quickly to a crystal clear, high gloss protective film that withstands the heaviest of traffic in commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. All of this with our advanced low odor formula. 

Availabile in Gallons.
RX 2002oc is a Surface & Sub-Surface odor control product.