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RX 2003 Odorless Maximizer & Burnishing Compound

RX2003 is a floor finish maximizer and burnishing compound with a unique difference. It is the only product on the market today specifically formulated to work in synergy with our other AIRX odor control floor products. It dry cleans, polishes and protects your floor finish in one easy step so you can obtain the most attractive floors possible. In addition, RX 2003 accomplishes this with a low odor formula.

Odorless for hospital use

A combination of RX2003’s optimized ingredients and virtually odorless formula allows it to be used under the most demanding situations. A low odor floor finish maximizer and burnishing compound. Although RX2003 can be used with other finishes, it is specifically designed to work in harmony with our other AIRX low odor floor care products.

Cleans & Polishes in one operation

Availabile in Quarts & Gallons.
RX 2003 is a Surface & Sub-Surface odor control product.