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RX 2005 CLeaner, Restorer & Burnishing base for floors

Spray buffing is out and there is no longer the need for separate products and separate operations for cleaning and burnishing floors. Now one product – RX 2005 – cleans and in the same operation leaves the ideal base for burnishing.

Cleans & Leaves a burnishing base in one operation

Using less product and fewer water changes, RX 2005 cleans floors faster and better than any detergent you’ve ever used, yet it doesn’t strip the remaining clean, good finish. RX 2005 polishes easily to a higher gloss with greater slip resistance than you’ve seen before. RX 2005 does so using less product, fewer pads, less lost time and less working time, there- fore accomplishing significant cost savings. In addition, RX 2005 is the only product in its class that contains our proprietary odor counteractant, Airicide®.

Use less product, pads & time

With the regular use of RX 2005, not only will your floors look great but it will deodorize the areas in which it is used. Removes embedded soil without removing finish. The flocculant additives cause soil to drop to the bottom of the bucket, allowing the solution to be used over and over. Dries to a clear invisible film that buffs to a durable, highly slip resistant, sensational gloss. 

Availabile in Quarts & Gallons.
RX 2005 is a Surface & Sub-Surface odor control product.