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RX 23 Super Strength Counteractant spray

The pocket size RX 23 mini-sprayer is not only convenient for use by nurses and others with frequent need for an effective room deodorizer, but the super strength of the RX 23 formulation (with no propellant replacing active ingredients) beats the effectiveness of a typical twelve ounce aerosol room deodorizer.

1 Ounce Mini Sprayer Beats a 12 Ounce Aerosol

The special valve on the handy bottle dispenses a measured amount of just enough product, in a mist that is atomized so fine that it floats to the most remote parts of the room. A single spray can erase foul odors from an entire 9’x12’ room.

Availabile in One Ounce Mini Sprayers.
RX 23 is a Airborne odor control product.