RX 30 Deodorizer/Degreaser for compactors & dumspters

Specially formulated for heavy duty cleaning and degreasing of refuse containers and their surrounding areas...and for the elimination of the foul odors that are associated with them. There are no worse odors than those emanating from dumpsters, compactors, trash trucks, garbage cans, and the like.

Heavy Duty Degreaser/Cleaner and odor counteractant to eliminate obnoxious odors

Their smell can often be so obnoxious that a person literally cannot get close enough to the problem to work on it. Now with RX 30 the problem can be solved quickly and pleasantly. A quick spray of RX 30 eliminates the foul odor. Then powerful degreasers in the formula penetrate, loosen, and emulsify grime and soil so that they can be easily flushed away.

Easy to use. Just fill a Tighten the top of the garden sprayer with RX 30 sprayer and pump it up.

RX 30 contains no orthodichlorobenzene or other chlorinated sol- vents, but instead uses a potent natural solvent with superior ability to remove stubborn, greasy soil...And it contains highly concentrated AIRICIDE® Odor Counteractant in a unique water- release form. These odor counteractants work well enough by themselves, but when they contact moisture in the refuse, or when RX 30 is sprayed with water, the odor counteractant effectiveness is intensified to overcome the very worst of foul odors. This one product, in one operation, eliminates odors and removes their source better than any deodorizers and degreasers used separately. 

Availabile in Gallons, Drums & Totes.
RX 30 is a Surface & Sub-Surface odor control product.