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RX 32 bio-enzymatic drain opener & odor counteractant

RX 32 is a unique, environmentally friendly, bio-enzymatic formulation to replace hazardous products to open clogged and sluggish drains and traps. It is specially formulated to attack grease and fats that are the usual cause of blockages in kitchens, and the body oils and soap film that clogs drains and lines in showers and sinks. It is not a substitute for sulfuric acid to devour sanitary napkins or the like, neither will RX 32 burn the skin or ruin clothing, carpeting, etc. if spilled or splashed.

No harsh chemicals

Bio-enzymatic action has been nature’s way of degrading waste for millions of years, but until now, enzymes did not act fast enough to solve an emergency drain problem. Now with advanced chemistry, this proprietary formulation acts immediately to peptize and break up fatty, greasy blockages. Then as it completes its emergency task it coats the inside of the lines with the foundation of a bio film to retard build-up of organic matter that could cause future problems. 

Availabile in Quarts & Gallons.
RX 32 is a Sub-Surface odor control product.