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RX 66 bio-enzymatic foul odor digester

There are good bacteria and there are bad bacteria. The bad ones can cause sickness and disease while the good ones are instrumental in such things as fermentation of beer and processing of cheese and yogurt. RX66 contains only safe to handle bacteria, in this case designed to remove foul odors and stains by bio-enzymatic action.

Certified 250 billion enzyme producing bacteria
to erase stains and foul odors 

When these safe, good bacteria in RX66 come in contact with organic matter, they act like sponges to absorb it. The bacteria liquefy and literally eat and digest the matter as their food. In the process, nothing more is produced than harmless carbon dioxide, water and more enzymes. Spray away odors and stains from around and under urinals and toilets. 

• RX66 enzymes have an appetite for urine, feces, sickness, etc. 
• Removes organic stains and odors from carpet and fabrics. 
• Safe to handle, safe on what it contacts and for the environment.

RX66 is a synergistic blend of specialized strains of live, but safe to use bacteria, chosen for their ability to produce enzymes that will digest organic matter that cause stains and foul odors. RX66 also contains Airicide® Odor Counteractant to remove odors already in the air. 

Availabile in Quarts & Gallons
RX 66 is a Surface & Sub-Surface odor control product.