RX 71 Acidulated foam cleaner

RX 71 is a highly concentrated liquid cleaner that generates a rich foam and clings to vertical surfaces. It won’t run away from the toughest cleaning job. Each gallon of this revolutionary formula produces up to 150 times its own volume of deep cleaning foam making RX 71 one of the most economical cleaning products obtainable. And does it clean? RX 71 is acidulated (on the acidic side of the pH scale) and removes soil that even more harsh alkaline cleaners will not touch.

High Foam • Dissolves Soil

Soap scum, lime scale, corrosion, rust, hard water deposits, mildew stains and other soil literally disappear under the RX 71 foam, with no hard scrub- bing. It contains no abrasives to scratch or dull surfaces and is the ideal cleaner for shower walls, floors and doors, sinks, tubs, display fountains, and drinking fountains. In addition to its other benefits, RX 71 contains AIRICIDE® Odor Counteractant to deodorize surfaces and eliminate unpleasant odors already in the air.

Availabile in Gallons.
RX 71 is a Surface odor control product.