RX 77 Plus disinfectant bathroom cleaner

Now, there is one product – AIRX 77 PLUS - that can be used to clean and disinfect, inside and outside the bowl, including the toilet seats. Because it contains absolutely no acids, it can also be used on sinks, bathtubs, shower stalls, chrome fixtures, odors and other bathroom surfaces. Another unique bene t is that AIRX 77 PLUS not only eliminates foul odors at their source, it contains a powerful odor counteractant to erase odors already in the air. 
For years, typical toilet bowl and urinal cleaners have been acids that have a pungent odor, tend to fume, would irritate the skin, burn holes in carpets and clothing, corrode chrome and aluminum, and eat into grouting, marble and terrazzo.Their proper use is really only cleaning the inside of a bowl or urinal. That means that the most critical surfaces – the toilet seat and the ush lever – often go uncleaned and not disinfected. 

A Toilet bowl & urinal cleaner safe enough
for all bathroom surfaces

Not only helps control the hazards of cross-contamination on treated hard, nonporous, environmental surfaces, but also kills many microorganisms that cause odors. For disinfecting hard, nonporous, surfaces, RX 77 PLUS is formulated for use in the schools, colleges, universities, of office buildings, health care facilities, medical and dental of feces, nursing homes, airports, and federally inspected meat and poultry plants.

Availabile in Quarts.
RX 77 Plus is a Surface & Sub-Surface odor control product.