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RX 80 Sanitizing & deodorizing carpet cleaner

RX80 is a unique carpet solution developed in our laboratories and as one can see by the EPA registration number, is exclusive to our company. RX80 was the first and is still the only sanitizing cleaner specifically for use on carpet. Others were really made for hard surfaces and they leave a sticky residue, causing rapid resoiling.

Designed for extraction & bonnet cleaning

RX80’s advanced formula allows it to be used with many different methods of carpet cleaning and on a multitude of different types of carpet fibers. When you add all of this to RX80’s ability to kill odor causing bacteria, it may be the only carpet cleaner you’ll ever need.

RX80 contains a concentrated blend of powerful quaternary ammonium compounds and low foam surfactants that clean, sanitize and, with AIRICIDE®, deodorize the carpet and the whole area. RX80 can be used with all makes of extraction equipment, all techniques of bonnet cleaning, even rotary shampooing. 


RX80 cleans better, eliminates causes of odors in the carpet ... and it is the only such product with AIRICIDE® to erase foul odors already in the air. And because it leaves no sticky residue, it can be used with the new low moisture method of carpet maintenance in which dilute cleaner is sprayed over the carpet and lightly buffed in. We have not seen that method on other companies’ labels approved by the EPA. 

Available in Gallons.
RX 80 is a Surface & Sub-Surface odor control product.