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RX 82 Soil Resistant Carpet Cleaner

RX82 brings the most advanced technology to carpet care and allows you faster, easier methods of cleaning. It has a completely neutral pH yet cleans better than other carpet solutions, and it dries faster and contains AIRICIDE® Odor Counteractant. However, its most important benefit is that it leaves no sticky residue to cause resoiling.

• Stains & Smells don’t come back •

RX82 is highly concentrated and economical to use, but its biggest saving is by not resoiling. It postpones or eliminates the cost of future cleanings. Use on carpets of all kinds and used with any method such as a prespray, extraction, bonnet cleaning, rotary shampooing, low moisture spray & brush and spot cleaning.

• Spray & Brush or Bonnet & Extraction •

RX82 is a blend of the most modern surfactants, has a neutral pH with superior cleaning ability, but is most unusual in the way it captures soil and dries. Unlike typical carpet cleaners, it leaves no sticky residue to promote resoiling. It dries to miniature crystals with the soil encapsulated inside. The crystals themselves will not stick to the carpet pile and lie loosely in the carpet for easy removal at the next routine vacuuming. 

Availabile in Gallons.
RX 82 is a Surface & Sub-Surface odor control product.