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RX 75 BSK Blood Spill clean up kit

The RX 75 Blood and Body Fluid clean-up kit combines a super absorbent powder, a heavy duty cleaner/disinfectant, a spray dispenser and a handy scoop in one convenient unit assisting in meeting the universal standards of OSHA, the Public Health Service and others for the prompt, correct removal of spills of blood, body fluids and excrements.

All-in-one tool

Proper removal and clean-up of blood and body fluids and the disinfection of surfaces that have been contaminated can be a life or death matter. You can not afford the time in an emergency situation to search for an effective absorbent, to locate a scoop and to find the proper disinfectant and mix it and you certainly cannot afford to do the job improperly. 

OSHA Compliance

You now must comply with OSHA and Public Health Service Standards. Fortunately, that can be done easily and properly with the RX 75 Body Fluid Spill Kit. One unit with built-in scoop and spray attachment contains enough super absorbent to thicken blood and enough of the right disinfectant to clean and decontaminate as many as ten separate accidents. 

RX 75 BSK is a Surface odor control product.
RX 75 BSK is a component of the Airx Pathogen Compliance Center more info