RX Refresh Aerosol Replacement System

The RX Refresh® system is your alternative to expensive and wasteful aerosol cans. RX Refresh® is a concentrated space deodorizer that is designed to work with a new type of trigger sprayer and specially designed to produce a greater parts per million spray than conventional aerosol cans. Just one quart bottle of RX Refresh® can make over 32 resells for the RX Refresh® sprayer, a cost savings of over 600% compared to aerosols.

Replaces High Cost Aerosols

Our trigger sprayer also provides a controlled release of product per pump allowing further cost savings with the ability to measure application amounts. The RX Refresh® system now comes in four fragrances; Aquatic Mist, Blue Skies, Herbal Fusion and Mountain Mist. RX Refresh is an ideal space spray for hotel rooms, homes, kitchens, living rooms and other living spaces. All scents of RX Refresh contain Airicide® Odor Counteractant. 

Available in Aquatic Mist, Blue Skies, Herbal Fusion & Mountain Mist Fragrances
RX Refresh is an Airborne odor control product.

Additional Information

RX Refresh Product Sheet
Aquatic Mist - RTU SDS - Concentrate SDS
Blue Skies - RTU SDS - Concentrate SDS
Herbal Fusion -
RTU SDS - Concentrate SDS
Mountain Mist -
RTU SDS - Concentrate SDS